Welcome to the Advanced Control Systems Laboratory (ACSL) research group. Our research focuses on advanced modeling, identification, and control designs for a broad range of applications, including nonlinear supply vessel, Automotive vehicles, Ph plant, quadruple-tank process and Continuous stirred-tank reactor. Different methodologies in order to stabilize and improve the performance of systems are used.


Supervisor: Prof. Ali Khaki Sedigh



Call For Papers
IJCSIT 2017 : International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology

CNDC 2017 : 4th International Conference on Computer Networks & Data Communications

CPAIOR 2018 : 15th International Conference on the Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research

EDIS 2017 : International conference on Embedded & Distributed Systems

MPREF 2018 : 11th Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling (M-PREF)